The Brazil Expedition

Brazil Expedition

“An expedition throughout Brazil is also an expedition through the world”

The Brazil Expedition project consists of a series of trips to be made throughout Brazil for eight months by photographer Renan Rosa. He is going to travel through Brazil’s five regions, searching for the common people, their work, their customs and the places they live.

In this trip through the corners of Brazil, together with his fellow photographer Pedro Malamam, Renan Rosa is going to run across the most diverse landscapes, capturing each and every detail and printing them with emotion into the universe of photography.

As a result, they will bring back with them an extremely rich social, cultural and scenic collection, which will be transformed into a bilingual photography book.

This book will feature approximately two hundred photos, with about half of them from this expedition, and the other half from Renan’s previous trips, a real legacy of twelve years travelling and photographing around the world.

The aim here is realizing the similarities between distant places on Earth, trying to establish a critical view towards the borders that were imposed on us.

The images will be curated by the illustrious Araquém de Alcantara, one of the most important names in the world of contemporary photography.

It will be possible to follow the journey of the photographers through both our website and our Facebook page, which will be constantly updated with pictures, videos and accounts by our travelling photographers.

In order to compose the photographer’s trip itinerary, the team will constantly be in the quest for places, cultural manifestations and people, which may at any moment be suggested by the public. Have you got anything to recommend? Your hint can become a photo in the book. Show us the Brazil you know!

Brazil Expedition is produced by Base Cultural Artistic Productions.


Executive Production

Mônica Becker Millon

Jéssica Faust


Renan Rosa

Photography Assistant

Pedro Malamam

Research and Text Editor

Carolina Becker Peçanha

Web Design

Raphael Marchetti (PixelKing)



Araquém de Alcântara

Accounting Advisor

Patrícia Cândido

Press Officer:

Marinho Freire Costa